Gurdjieff Movements Demonstration in Munich, Theater-LEO 17 with Amiyo, Chetan and International Group


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“While standing on stage and feeling the light shining down on me, I noticed my breathing getting faster…. that moment I asked myself: Why am I here? My heart answered: For the love of what the movements create inside of me.
That moment everything just fell in its place. The whole of me did what it loved. Nothing else mattered: the stage, the lights, the people, the mistakes, self-judgment etc.
This moment in itself was special for me and will stay with me for a long long time.”

“I would do it again in a heartbeat. My consciousness has expanded and my heart has become lighter and more full of joy. My mind is clearer and sharper as well… my poker game has improved… yeah, and also my English teaching! This Tuesday with my university students I REALLY had something to share, not just theory but energy and vitality and spontaneity and wisdom… not just theory…”

“Coming back home after the demo was a bit strange for me. Too strong was the difference between the rich abundance that I could experience in this week of practice with you, the group and the movements on one side, and on the other side the naked everyday life as usually.
However, the more I realized this difference, at the same time the more I recognized that it is ONE life, the only life that I have, just other facets of it, just with other challenges. And the energy of this week, the countless precious moments, the love, came partly into my “normal” part of my life as well.”

“The strongest, most beautiful teaching of these great 9 days was for me: The Pure Movement. And what do you add to it?
To find this again and again, what the Pure Movement is, in the movements and in my other life.
What is the Pure Movement in the midst of not knowing? What is and will be true?
This is a beautiful question. And observing, where I tend to add something out of fear. And come back to trust again.”

“I would like to share that the echo of our common week of preparation and the performance left in me a subtle stillness. I am aware of it even in daily life when there is a moment of not doing. It is very subtle but always there. This is wonderful. It gives me a feeling of being home and that everything is o.k. like it is.
My experience on stage was that there is this stillness and joy behind all excitement and fear.”

This week was the reconciling force between the artistic dimension of beauty, of communion with life, and the rigor and discipline, in order to maintain the force of the group in a certain strong cohesion. Such a simple and beautiful communion!
Then came the moment of the public demonstration .The day of silence that led to it helped me to channel some tensions, and to anchor myself more easily
The message I received from this week is that we receive from the Movements to the extent of how much we give and how much we let go into them with trust and joy.
The movements give so much!
This was an opening in me that will leave a very deep imprint for the rest of my life. It felt like an initiation into the sacred
During the Movement DO MI SOL, the communion between us, in the group, and also with the public will forever live in my heart”

“One thing touched me in those days, it is the feeling of the “same force” which Madame de Salzmann mentioned, and this feeling of same force gave me a lot of fire inside but also at the same time a contained and relaxed fire, and it specially helped me during the demonstration!!!
I would love to take this feeling with me in life and to remember it as often as possible!!!
Thank you very much for this beautiful opportunity!!! I will keep it always in my heart!!!!!!”

During the rehearsals, I was learning much about the (im) patience, this present and let’s say annoying part of me. I was surprised to see that I could keep it for myself and not to let that energy burst out of me. And this keeping of the energy that was gathering in me was giving me push-ups to dissolve my ego into nothingness. I remember how the presence (admix with peace, tranquility, happiness, easiness) was more and more coming the more we were approaching the day of demonstration.
About the last two dances on Sunday: Experience of absolute open heart and total peace. Meditation… One of the most powerful push ups with G. dances for further Work.”

It has been a unique group experience; caring and help came from everyone, the best way to quiet down the excitement of exhibition, and felt higher forces present, bringing force, silence, inner structure, and love and laughter, lot of gratitude.

“I had to learn not to surrender to my fear to fail, but rather simply watch it and let it pass by.
I had to refrain from saying: “I can do this”, not to rely on this, but rather to stay attentive, because otherwise, I could become careless and make mistakes.
I had to refrain from judging, from both, “I am still not good enough”, and “I’m already doing it very good”, but rather do my work and go on practicing.
I had to refrain from comparing, “oh, he is so much better than I am” or “if he can do it, then I should also be able to do it”, again but rather do my work and go on practicing.
And these moments when I experienced that I am moving in harmony with the group, that I hear the sound of the piano in the very moment when my foot touches the ground, these moments were really magical, and this synchronism of my movements, the music, and the movements of the group stabilized the rhythm of my own movements. In these moments there is no ego, I feel no identity, I experience myself as a part of a common movement of the group.
I really loved to do this work of practice together with all of you.”

“I enjoyed dancing with you, being with you.
I received so much support from you.
Our connection made me stronger.
It was open and warm group.
I love every one of you very much.”