My experience

I have spend my whole life searching my Self through different techniques of dances. I saw the dances for the first time in the movie :”Meeting with remarkable men”. I was then living in India, in Osho commune. Osho had asked me personally to study the demonstration of the movements given at the end of the movie, in order to start the process of learning and then teaching the dances in his commune. Something strongly caught my attention, to the point that I could hardly breathe.
Eventhough the dances were beautiful and charismatic, it was not esthetics and beauty that were mesmerizing , but something behind the visible movement, an inner state that was reflected through a particular quality of presence on the face of the dancers. Here was in my eyes a dance “technic” which involved obviously not just the body , but the whole of the being. A dance was not created, rather dancers were created through it. They seemed to be animated by forces inherent to the movements themselves, by a new substance.I sensed that each outer movement was just the tip of the iceberg ,inner forms laid within, a living path and a path for life. Maybe I would finally have an opportunity to embody my long years search for a meeting between meditation and dances.

And I happily dived , body and soul, into what would become a totally new discipline for my body , mind and heart.. First , the work looked like a great deal on coordination, rhyhm , and inhabiting the body in a new way, through these unheard of types of positions, transitions, sequences :feet doing one rhythm, right arm another, left arm another, or strangely assymetric sequences, one part of the body round, the other staccato.

But I am discovering that this process offers much more than that: It also acts at the level of energy channels, unlocking some emotional knots , discarding some old believe systems. I sometimes felt the happening of a new restructuring at the level of the brain , as if untrodden paths are suddenly being transformed into open circuits, new bridges being opened between the 2 hemispheres of the brain.

In the learning we are harmonizing the work of the 2 hemispheres The right hemisphere, which learns through global pictures, intuition, merging and love. The left hemisphere, which learns through precise patterns, exact perception, observation of details

When the music and the movements stopped, I watched in amazement a new quality of energy running powerfully inside the body, and the joy that this realization brought swelled up in my heart. I had never experienced this in my whole dancing carrier before! I started to be emotionally involved, yet detached through watching. I started to investigate all the different flagrances of the movements: The peaceful inner space of some prayers, the longing, nostalgia, awakened by others, the heart tearing feeling of knowing that “I” is much more than what I am living, the inner fire, passion and determination triggered by dervish dances, and also the humor contained in some pieces. I started to embody in my flesh the language of the different positions and transitions from one to another. It is not reaching to the position that just matters, it is the way “there”, this continuous uninterrupted message given by the movement and its substances: sometimes, a very small change in the fingers spatial position, and the meaning changes drastically. At the condition, again and again that someone is “home”, watching, at the condition that BEING stands in front of DOING. And here, we experience the trilogy expressed also verbally in some dances:

“I am I wish I can”

I am, therefore, I can do

This alone showed me a new direction in my daily life

If” I am “, reunited in my body, my heart and my mind in this place, this moment then only I am able to act in life in a conscious and efficient way

The movements are showing me that there is no in-between: either I am present, with the 3 centers, physical, emotional and intellectual, in support of each other, or I am not present

And the taste of these 2 states is so different! One is the foggy taste of sleep , doubt, anxiety , the other one is the taste of freedom, spaciousness, harmony and silence

Amiyo Devienne