Heart without measure

In the groups Madame de Salzmann so much emphasizes the right bodily posture as a prerequisite for a higher quality of attention. At one moment, sitting very straight in her chair, she pointed to her foot and said :” If even a foot is not rightly aligned, the connection with the higher energy can be broken” She herself sits there like a stupa, demonstrating, by her presence, the right posture and the connection with the higher energy. I see more and more that posture is an essential part of the teaching. I felt that my body was too heavy and that I was not sensitive enough to see the harm done by the wrong placing of the foot .I suppose the body is like a musical instrument. A sensitive and accomplished musician is likely to be more aware of the various subtleties of the instrument than a novice…
It struck me that a major difficulty lies precisely in this: one does not see that one is blind, and that it is possible to open one’s eyes. It is absurd, but true: It is difficult to accept that if my eyes were open, I would see what I do not ordinarily see. I see neither the terror of my present situation nor the wonder of what it could be

Ravi Ravendra : ” Heart without Measure “