Behind the (visible) movement… (by Jeanne De Salzmann)

Behind the visible movement , there is another movement, one which cannot be seen , which is very strong , on which the outer movement depends. If this inner movement were not so strong, the outer one would not have any action.

You must constantly divide your attention between something which is higher than yourself and your movement. You always loose yourself in one or the other. As soon as you stop making this effort, you become identify with the movement.

You must consider these movements as a condition, an exceptional one, given to you to work on your attention. In so, dividing your attention, you are filling the place that you can fill. One day, you may be capable of more, but today, this is your place. You do not realise enough that attention is your only chance. Without it, you can do nothing.

Usually, you think about your movement, but you do not DO it. You maintain your thought on the movement, and then, when it is time to do it, you give up, and the movement s done, no matter how, without you.

The thought must have its own centre of gravity; it cannot just be either here or there. We must find this centre of gravity> It is the same for the body. If it is not centred, no movements will be possible. It is the same with the feelings

These movements enable us to pass from one centre of gravity to another; it is the shift that creates the state. The gesture, the movement is what is important, not the attitudes.

(Jeanne De Salzmann)

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