Why practice Gurdjieff Movements ?


For a real deep contact with our body in its totality

For a connection with others that is more true and essential, beyond our personality, a communion of presences

To strengthen our centre, anti –stress shelter, learning to remember ourselves while in activity

For the establishment of new neurological connections between the right and left hemispheres of the brain

To find a balance between masculine and feminine polarities within us, between the lover and the warrior

To transcend limitations on the 3 levels : Physical, emotional, intellectual, and thus, restore inner respect and dignity

To develop 3 centers whose vibrations are in harmony with each other

To be able to DO

To open up to a higher quality of presence and a higher energy

To bring more conscious energy to our planet

To bring distance from our emotions, and in the same time, to live passionately and totally

To face our inner struggle between I must and I cannot

To forgive ourselves for our mistakes and learn from them creatively

For the joy and peace it brings…