Motionlessness lies behind all motion (part 2)

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The 2 brains

Instead of the interference coming from the lower part of our intellectual center, this constant turning of thoughts, the escape in dreams, in past or future, the practice encourage the participation of the different intelligences of our both brains :

For the left hemisphere, intellect, analysis, sense of quantity, memory of the vocabulary, focused vision- understanding of individual and global patterns, but also words, counting…

For the right hemisphere : Receptivity-Intuition- Inspiration- global vision-from perceptions-perception of feelings and emotions-Perception of energy.

This allows the brain to enter into specific vibrations that are in total support with the movement given.

An antenna for a finer energy

In our global practice, the 3 centers, physical, emotional and intellectual, are observed, brought in harmonious vibrations and connected. In our daily life, this is not so often the case! Observe yourself preparing a lemon pie in the kitchen. The body in the kitchen is pressing the lemons, the heart is somewhere along the road from school to home, as the children are late, the mind is busy calculating which type of printer to afford… The practice of the movements is an exceptional opportunity of unification. And when this unification is felt, a very peculiar emotional quality is born: The bliss of feeling oneself at the right place, at the right time, in alertness and relaxation, aliveness and peace, lightness and fluidity, stillness and movement. Moreover, our awareness expands, as we enter deeper inside ourselves, and spreads its wings to other human beings, to the animal and vegetal world. Hence inner freedom, sensitivity and care.

The being has renewed its contact with the source of life itself. The lower and higher worlds are meeting, “Falling upwards ” as Sufis are saying Man then can fulfill its destiny on earth, becoming a bridge between sky and earth, a subtle receptor of a higher quality of energy, bringing more consciousness into earth, otherwise bound to destruction by the forces of unconsciousness.

Then truly can the dances be called “Sacred”

Amiyo Devienne.