Content of the Seminars

Intensive practice of movements and dances coming from the Sufi, Tibetan Buddhist, Esoteric Christian and Pythagorean traditions, as well as those created by Gurdjieff himself. On the music created by Mr. Gurdjieff and Mr. De Hartmann for the movements

Each practice of the outer form is going along
with some particular inner work.


Study of Gurdjieff movements as fragments of a larger context: the Teachings of Mr. Gurdjieff


Exploration of the movements as a science,
their effects on the physical, emotional and intellectual level ;
their energy effects in connection with the meridians and charkas of the body.

Exploration of Music and the science of vibrations


Inner and centering exercises :
these exercises help us to create an appropriate inner state for the practice
of self-observation and the movement, developing attention and subtler perception.


Meditation’s techniques and “sittings”:
coming from different traditions. They help us to get attuned with the quality of outer and inner stillness, basic conditions for watching ourselves

Free dance, body creative expressions,
rhythmic and relational games, as a support for the inner theme


Readings from Mr. Gurdjieff, from Osho,
from Bennett, from Hazrat Inayat Khan, from Mme de Salzmann


Dialogue and sharing in a respectful and loving atmosphere,
encouraging us to understand through verbal expression
the living messages that are revealed through the experiences of the movements.

These practices support self-observation, non-identification, and the search for an awakened consciousness free from conditioning.

The program is included within a theoretical-practical frame that makes the integration of the experience and the ideas possible.