Tribute to Alain Kremski our dearest friend amazing pianist, composer and beautiful Being

Gurdjieff’s movements: “Shadows and Lights”
by Amiyo

Before making the decision to present.  Gurdjieff Movements publicly, I always take a moment to pause and reflect. On one hand, it is an inner stimulus to answer the requirement of intense practice, out of respect for the beauty, the purity and the effects of the Movements, and a  total involvement. On the other hand, I also experience the dangers of any public representation that would encourage the affirmation of the ego in its many forms, without increased vigilance of the teacher and the dancers (self image-frustrations- desire to impress, to be seen and recognized-emotionality …) However, I just have to  remember the guidelines of my Master Osho, when in 1989, in Pune, he invited me to teach the Movements: “Each long course will end with a public demonstration”
Gurdjieff Movements offer dancers and audience an opportunity to feel strength, beauty and silence. They first require an intensive period of group practice. The attention is present in the 3 centers: mental, heart and body. We learn to feel the exact intensity of the force that inhabits each position. So, an atmosphere of consciousness is generated. Then comes this marvelous moment where each aspect we worked on finds its right place and suddenly arises a structure hidden behind the multiplicity of forms and rhythms. The dynamics of Movements take us freely, bringing us deep joy and inner expansion. Inside a sustained discipline, we discover a jewel of freedom, an opening to an unknown space that has immobility in its center. Our movements carry immobility. This,  is their Mystery. These forces of “affirmation” could not exist without opposing forces called “negation”. I know from experience that in every project of representation opposition forces unexpectedly arise always coming from an unexpected direction: costumes that prove disastrous, a dancer sick, the theater not ready etc …
This time, the opposition surprised with its violence :The demonstration, programmed on the 8thof December in the heart of Paris, the same very day as day of protests and riots in the streets. All All the media advised the Parisians to caulk at home, the buses did not roll, many metro stations were closed etc …
Yet something in us was pushing us to go on . The density of darkness makes the light brighter Outside the room: violence, confrontation of opinions, destruction. Inside the room: one truth, timeless, eternal, transcendental, the center of the cyclone We were all deeply aware of the existence of these two worlds, in the same place. Outside, noise and  chaos, inside, silence in which we were dissolving allowing  any separation to disappear. Cohesion and love within the group were thus strengthened. An interesting analogy, on another scale: Mr Gurdjieff was also in Paris at the time of the German occupation and his students took the daily risk of coming to join him at home to nourish  their inner life through sharing meals, indoor exercises , movements sessions. We observe again the existence of the law of 3 which says that each living process is the meeting of 3 forces: affirmation, negation, reconciliation . The instigator of our show in Paris was Alain Kremski. His passion and his faith carried us. He died 20 days later ….
These are simple words that flow from my pen when I mention Alain who accompanied our Work of Movements and our Work on ourselves for more than 2 years.
Alain enters the room,  smile tenderly at us , sits on the piano silently and suddenly we feel carried by a vigorous attack of a Dervish piece, such an inner fire, such a ardour, that we can only follow him, good willy-nilly
The youngest of us, at that moment, is he “What do you want, the piano wants me to play at that tempo …” he jokes as he sees how we “run” behind him
But in fact, it’s always the exact impulse we need, as well as the exact tempo that will reveal the sublime qualities of the Movement.
At that moment, there is no more mind, no more calculations, no more comments, no more hesitation, but a single collective wave that asserts itself and manifests itself,no more musician, no more dancers, but dance and music. And then … the very next moment, with surprising ease. Alain enters another space of music: silence, devotion, peace, union which connects all of us  within a regular and sustained pulsation.
He plays while looking at us and sometimes whispers to me a suggestion: “You know Amiyo, tell them that …” So respectful and sensitive is he to the place and the role that everyone has to fulfill …
As soon as his fingers land on the keyboard, the sound is immediately pure, total, true, exact in   volume, tone, clarity. It does not need time to adjust, the first sound is immediate and accurate, without any hesitation
Infinitely grateful to have been able to live for years with Mrs. de Salzmann, to whom Gurdjieff has given the task of continuing his Work, as well as the transmission of his Movements, being at the same time her friend, her pupil, her pianist, her travelling  companion .He embodies her teaching, guiding us in a seated meditation, towards an inner state that is at once calm and awake, inviting us to open ourselves to a subtle force from above and to embody it on earth.
Behind his words and his energy, we feel a force that is not of this world, which is not his, but the strength of Gurdjieff and Mrs. de Salzmann, which he transmits in all humility and transparency.
He repeats again and again: “It is more important to feel the energy that animates us than the Movement itself”
He is also a wonderful storyteller, each of them containing a profound message, he guides us with his anecdotes, his funny stories, he speaks by image, allegory and parable With simplicity, humor, humility, he conquers our souls.
He does not accept if the music he plays is not  authentic, true and powerful. Uncompromising to himself as a musician: “Now, Amiyo, I have to stop playing this piece. I am falling into automatism” Such spiritual and artistic demand transmits to us a new impulse of truth and sincerity.
Alain is this cocktail of simplicity, humility, creative sophistication and musical refinement He likes a good glass of red wine , enjoy looking at pretty women and also lives deeply the silence between the sounds, the inner stillness. In him the earth touches the sky
Alain, you remain and will remain one of the greatest gifts that existence could make me Your passage here below has made the world more beautiful than it was before. May you receive in return all that you have given us so generously. Your spirit and your music continue to inspire us


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